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Master Splinter's Daughter

Over the weekend, I decided to start catching up on that hip hop music that the young black youth listen to. Kendrick Lamar's album begins with a song called "Master Splinter's Daughter." Somehow I get the feeling that the kids are alright.


Stuart Immonen is the penciler for Brian Michael Bendis' fresh tenure as writer for All-New X-Men.

Life don't get much better than this.

In this series, Cyclops is the leader of the X-Men and the greatest enemy of... The X-Men. So. The X-Men send... The X-Men after Cyclops' X-Men. I'm enjoying this.

I am a fan of this dude because he's a black guy. There's almost no black X-Men and most of them are dead. Go New Mutant!!


This is when I met Carly Monardo who immediately took a picture with me and Leigh Walton. This is the part of the comics world that I love.

Walton sat me down and explained to me that since Osamu Tezuka, we know the peak upper maximum number of comic pages that a human being can produce in a lifetime. Therefore, comics should be measured in "Tezukas," which I immediately turned into "Tezukons."

150,000 pages is that maximum number of pages, by the way.


Decorating the Christmas tree at my beloved friend Michelle's apartment.

That's Michelle.


This is my secret: at work, I keep slips of paper in my shirt pocket to doodle at the drop of a hat.

One 8.5" x 11" sheet of printer paper.

Fold it in half by the width.

Tear it across the fold. Fold it back and forth to facilitate tearing.

Fold both halves another time.

Tear the same way and presto: quarter-sized sheets!

Now get to drawing.


This one time, I came home to my apartment and found a Caterpillar in the front drive.



Then I drew Annie Koyama's Kickass Annie character. Happy new year, people!


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