Darryl Ayo Brathwaite (nervousystem) wrote,
Darryl Ayo Brathwaite

Ayo vs Ayn Rand

Ayn Rand is a monster and a cancer on this society. Only the callous, only the cruel and sadistic believe in her views. She is a true barbarian, a true savage.

Ayn Rand doesn't represent capitalism. She represents destruction. Destruction of the people who capitalists NEED: the consumers, the workers, the small timers.

Let me cure you of your conservative views: if those people have no money, no jobs, no protection--those people will rob you. They will literally put a gun in your face. I've seen it happen: a man approaches in the night. He asks if I know about any jobs. Any kind of job. I tell him that I do not. He pulls out a gun.

Most of you Ayn Rand supporters are not close to the streets like regular people are. Like New Yorkers are. Most of you are insulated from seeing the sadness and pain in a man's eyes when he feels even the most tentative idea of hope slipping away.

Make no mistake, conservatives: these people will kill you. And they don't wake up wanting to but the physical pain of hunger and the psychological toll of failure is not a thing that leads to rational thought. You will never know this strangest of human interactions. When a crushed and defeated man turns to violence because there is no legitimate path ahead of him to survival (never mind "success").

This failure on a systemic level. This is failure that betrays every level of society: the robber, the robbery victim, the real estate in the neighborhood when the victim moves away, the police force who investigate, the city council and mayor who look at rising crime statistics, the people of the same demographic of the robber, any incidental witnesses who also decide to move away, the neighbors who are priced out of the neighborhood when increased police patrols accelerate gentrification of the area...

Listen to me well, conservatives: you don't know what you're talking about. You're not in the world like we are.


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