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This blog exists so that I can talk to myself. It's semi-public. The "semi" is the fact that almost nobody is on LiveJournal anymore. Hidden in plain sight. Comment or don't comment, it doesn't matter. I was talking earlier about my "real" blogs that seem to strike a chord with absolutely no-one.


A bunch of comic books:

The End of the Fucking World by Chuck Forsman

Johnny Wander by Yuko Ota and Ananth Panagariya

Monster Pulse by Magnolia Porter

Uncanny X-Force by Rick Remender and whoever Marvel gets to draw the thing that issue.

Love and Rockets the New Stories, though I'm only in the middle of Volume 2.


I went to see The Dark Knight Rises last weekend. I saw it as "a movie" because film adaptions of comic books are still films. Not comic books. I need to see more films that aren't related to comic books in any sense so that perhaps I can have some level of discussion about them.

Everything worth talking about in this movie is a spoiler. So...


The Internet reversed the nature of things. Now everybody has access to everything. Being deep in the know isn't cool anymore. Having an encyclopedic, history-spanning knowledge on a subject isn't cool anymore.

Now what is cool is being limited. Paring down. Before people wanted a forest, now the cool people maintain a bonzai


Sex is stupid.

Dating is stupid.

People should just get together and have sex with each other and spend the rest of their days working toward goals that have meaningful impact on their communities. Dating is the stupidest thing that our society agreed upon inflicting upon itself and we'd be better off doing away with it entirely.

Sex is stupid.

"hey do you want to have sex?"
"actually I'm late for work, give me your number, I'll call you after."

Sex is stupid.

"I haven't had any sex in a while and I was wondering if you'd care to do some of that tonight?"
"oh, certainly, that sounds like a good time, actually."

Sex is stupid.

"I like the way you look and I think that you like the way I look. Want to have sex? My apartment is a few blocks from here."
"brilliant idea, let's do exactly that.

Sex is stupid.

"I've got nothing important to do today, and I've always wondered: want to have sex?"

Sex is stupid. It's stupid because our society has set us up to be incredibly dishonest about it and what we want. If you want to have sex with someone, you can't just walk up and say it. You've got to be coy. And you have to trick yourself (and the other person) into believing that it "just happened."

How can it "just happen?"

You arrange to meet a person on a pretense that society explicitly outlines as a sexual pretense.

You focus on the other person, their body, their words.

You lean forward to kiss that person--you put your mouth right on their mouth!

And when you're at the apartment, tossing garments off left and right, you have the nerve to say that "oh, it's just chemistry."

It isn't "chemistry," it isn't "romance," it's self-delusion! I see movies with my parents. How does the same activity become "romantic" if I'm there with a non-relative? I eat at restaurants with my friends, how is that "romantic?"

Romance is a stupid idea and a fake idea.


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