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Art Sick

By Ayo


It's funny how a repressive culture works on a people's collective consciousness. In NYC, a lady was busted as a madam in a prostitution ring. Sordid stuff, really. But the local papers have been running stuff like this all week:

Grow up, Americans. The lady's posed photos with her husband have nothing to do with her pimping out underaged girls. The attempt to use sex to sell a story that's inherently about rape and abuse is immoral and devoid of any journalistic integrity. But we don't expect much of that from the New York Post.


I read two entire webcomics yesterday; end-to-end. On my iPhone. My god, I would pay real money to be able to buy these as digital comics via Comixology or Graphicly. Just for the ease of holding my place when reading, or navigating on a small screen, it would be worth a buck or two per chapter.

I don't expect webcomics people to take the time to offer their free Internet comics for pay in digital packages because they are stressed enough, timewise. I understand that. But dangit I can dream.

Here's the shout-out section:

Magnolia Porter: Monster-Pulse

And Meg Gandy & Jesse Bausch Godsend (at Shatterlands)

Both of these comics made me feel emotions think highly of their creators.


Today, I will catch up on Meredith Gran's Octopus Pie and then work on Jeph Jacques' Questionable Content

Also, moreso: I'm working on my Little Garden. As I type this. It's grueling because I don't even know how I want this to play out, artwise.

I like short stories or long stories told in short chapters or episodes. That has been my vision for a long time, but surprise, surprise: I'm a crummy writer. I think I'm a better reader than I am a writer, but all in all, I think that I do not "play" enough. I need to take this stuff less seriously and just cut loose.


Lay loose.

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